High Resolution Images and Your New Website

So you’ve been asked to provide high-resolution images for your shiny new website… great, but you have no (or little) idea what this means.

Let me explain, the adjective “low-resolution” describes a blurry or pixelated image while the opposite adjective “high-resolution” simply put – means an image which is sharply defined and clear – even when you zoom in on it to make the small details much larger.

When you download images that are small or “low-resolution” they can’t be stretched to fill a large screen space without dropping quality and becoming “pixelated” or grainy.
Imagine trying to get a postage stamp to cover an entire envelope – it would be impossible. The same goes for web-images. 
The below graphic demonstrates how a photo will distort /and become pixelated if stretched to fill the physical dimensions that are greater then its original physical size. 

How stretching an image distorts it

 Low quality,  grainy images undermine the authority of your site and therefore your business.
People buy with
their eyes before the even start reading the word on your site. 

TOP TIP # 1 – Sourcing Images
Landscape images are more versatile than portrait images. 
Landscape images with the subject placed slightly back from the edges allow your designer to create portrait images where necessary. 

To ensure the best quality images on your website, always download them at their biggest available size as it will give your designer more scope to work with and ensure your site has that polished look.


TOP TIP # 2  Checking Your Images are good enough qualtiy
Check your image file size (the sort of physical weight of the file) before sending them on to your designer. They should ideally be no smaller than 500kb, but if you’ve dowloaded them at the biggest possible size, they will most likely be 1MB or bigger. 

TOP TIP # 3  Here are is a handy list for high-quality, attribution free images for your new website. Just make sure you download them at the Original quality.

Good Luck!