Small Business SEO

When faced with the overwhelming thought that every small business owner has – “where am I going to get my clients from?”  The temptation is often to panic and to throw your marketing net far & wide in the hopes targeting 1000’s of people and bringing in new business… clearly throwing out a bigger will bring in more fish???

  • will this approach bring in the correct type of fish?
  • will it bring you the kind of fish that are best suited to your sales needs?

In actual fact, throwing nets all over the place will only spread your resources thin. There is probably more than enough business for you with in your local area or county. The trick is to make it easy for them to find you.

Local Search

In order to get a good position on Local Search, you need to give the Search Engines as much information about your business as possible. You also need an easy to navigate, mobile friendly website with well written, keyword rich content, a suitable amount of backlinks (see point 4 below) and great google reviews.

Name Address & Phone (NAP)

Your Name, Address, Phone Number need to be displayed on your website, in your backlinks (see point 4 – Directory Listings), Google for Business and anywhere else online.

It may also help to include your city and or county in your page titles too (See “Near Me” down below for more info)

Read more Detailed Information  here

Google My Business

When creating your Business listing – ensure your NAP details match your website & facebook business pages exactly.

Your business listing should include a link to your website and your website should include a link back to your Google My Business Listing. This helps Google understand that they both relate to the same business.

You can add these to your contact page and or footer. If you are looking for people in your town or county to find your services, then Google My Business is essential!!

Social Proof (Reviews)

Reviews and star ratings makes for excellent click-bate. People love buying from businesses that have social proof.

Facebook and Google My Business allow for people to leave you reviews.

Reviews help search engines determine which business is genuine and which isn’t. If your business has a good star rating and positive comments then is more likely to get clicked and attract customers.

Don’t worry about bad reviews – they happen from time to time, just make sure that you respond the the reviewer as quickly as possible and solve the issue. Then follow up by asking them to update their rating of you.


Aim for at least 10 backlinks from local directories – make sure that each & every listing you add has the same NAP details and a link to your website.

Backlinks are tedious to do – but essential for boosting your websites SERP (Search Engine Rank Position).

Be prepared for some “sales” calls from the bigger directories as they will try to “up-sell” you to their premium packages. If you have the budget (from £25 per month) it may be worth your while to subscribe for a few months, but you don’t have to.

Key Directories to get you started: 

  1. Google My Business
  2. Bing
  3. Yell
  4. Yelp
  5. Thomsonlocal.com
  6. Scoot.co.uk
  7. Freeindex.co.uk
  8. HotFrog
  9. 192.com
  10. 118118
  11. Cyclex-uk.co.uk
  12. Approvedbusiness.co.uk

Final Points


Near Me – Search

When someone searches for a product / service, Google aims to tell people what business is closest / near you. This applies especially to searching from your phone – looking for a local business or petrol station etc. In order to influence this, it is essential that points 1-3 are worked efficiently into your site.

KeyWord Rich Content

You can increase your visibility by creating keyword rich content and include your location in your page titles and headings where appropriate (example: Massage Therepy – Exeter).

Really hone in on what it is that makes you special – the more specific you are, the more qualified any leads you do get will become. The more qualified a lead, the less effort you will have to spend on converting it. 

Social Media

Should work as a tool for your website – not on its own or the otherway around. In order to best leverage the advantrages of social media – make sure you write your posts etc on your website & then share them to social media (most people do this the other way round). This way you will increase your sites popularity & ranking. 

Don’t forget to ask for reviews! 


If all this is too overwhelming and perplexing
– then reach out to me and we can discuss how best to approach your Search Engine Optimisation

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