Why use WordPress?

Why use WordPress?

WordPress has been around awhile and it is one of the most favoured blogging platforms available today. In fact, WordPress has also become the content management software (CMS) of choice for company websites.

Often the design of the website is the hard part (enter the need for a website designer such as myself). Once the site is setup and looking amazing – here are some of the reasons companies prefer their business site to be designed and built in WordPress.

WordPress is very simple user-interface. The process of adding new pages, images, blog posts, and multimedia etc. is easy and quick to do. This means that time spent editing and adding content to your site is greatly reduced. Download a free guide to using WordPress

You won’t need a pet programmer.
No coding or technical skills required, WordPress is a complete system and does not require additional software – such as HTML editing software (such as Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute). You’ll easily be able to add a new page or blog post, format existing text, upload images (as well as edit them), upload documents, image galleries, and so much more … all without the need for additional software and very little technical know-how.

Manage Your Website from Any Computer
Because WordPress is browser-based you can simply login from your browser on any Internet connected computer and manage / maintain your site. Read my article about website maintenance here. See my article on Self Management of a WordPress Website. Read my article on how to keep your WordPress website healthy

WordPress Website + Search Engines = Match made in heaven
The code behind WordPress is very simple and clean. This means it is easy for for search engines to read and to understand a WordPress websites content . In addition, each post, page and image can have their meta tag data which can be specifically optimised for keywords, allowing for very specific search engine optimisation. Tags can be used to further enhance your search engine optimisation efforts.  Read my article on interesting stats about SEO

Your Website – Your Way
WordPress acts as the machine for your website. The way your site looks and feels is totally customisable. This allows your brand can shine through on your website and provide a bespoke experience to your visitors.

More Control Means Less Costs for You
Because of its intuitive user interface, you or one of your team can easily make changes to pages & posts – so no more waiting for your designer to get back to you with reverts, you have full control over your website. (see questions you should ask before hiring a freelance designer)

Built in Blogging
WordPress was created as a blogging platform, so the ability to blog is built-in and easy to deploy. Setting up email subscriptions, or RSS for your blog and automatically adding the most recent blog posts to other pages of the site are also very simple to set-up, and help to widen your company’s reach to make your site more dynamic and interactive. Read more on the benefits of Blogging here

Easily add functionality with plugins
Additional features (event calendars, image galleries, slideshows, booking widgets etc) and functionality can easily be added or built in with a vast array of free and or paid plugins.

Have Numerous Site Users
As an administrator of your website, you will be able to set-up limitless users for the website, assign various access levels and permissions to each user. You can also easily add black-box functionality to your wordpress website so you can track what changes each user has made and if necessary problem solve any issues that may occur.

Your Site Can Grow as Your Business Grows
WordPress websites can be extremely scalable. You can have and endless number of blog posts and pages your site and your websites performance won’t be compromised in the slightest.

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